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About the tourmentine

"He who tread down the Tourmentine is ''ghostified'' and is not any more aware of himself." He can walk the same way hundred times without anything to recognize. He will go round in circles for the rest of his life unless a fortunate coincidence or sylvains and sidhe's goodwill lead him to the Parisette who will break the evil spell.

(Pierre Dubois in La Grande encyclopédie des lutins - "Ceux des bois et des forêts")

About this server

A brave HP Omnibook 900 (yes, it's a notebook) leads this website at the amazing speed of...300Mhz (don't laugh, please, the old boy is years old). Mr. Omnibook - Howard Phillips are its first names, if you know who I am referencing to - is also used as a gateway, firewall, WiFi access point and, last but not least, mail server (fully secure, of course).

The tourmentine is a website and a 1 Gb ftp server which just need to be filled up, go upload!

The tourmentine also provides some random services, wich works only from time to time, like a webcam (to see how sweet is my home), and an IceCast server.

To bore you to death, here's the remaining software running on this machine (a big thanks to their developpers):

  • FreeBSD, the OS with basket ball shoes
  • PF, the firewall that rox
  • lighttpd, light, simple...what else?
  • PHP 5, because sometimes, it is needed.
  • MySQL 5 (who's building a website without MySQL, nowadays?)
  • Munin, phpMyVisites and SquirrelMail for webmail
  • vsftpd (everyone has a favorite, and this one has a trusty name, after all)
  • QMail for assemteepee
  • Dovecot for pop(s), imap(s), and mail delivery
  • Clam AntiVirus, Spamassassin 3 Dspam and maildrop for filtering electronic junk
  • OpenSSH and its friend OpenSSL (since they put me in a cold sweat each time a security hole was discovered for the last two years, I have a very special love & hate relationship with both of them)
  • And the programming language needed to execute many of the above programs: Perl.

Server Informations

  • Line state
  • System informations
  • MRTG statistics
  • Uptime: "; if ($uptime_annees > 0) { echo "$uptime_annees year"; if ($uptime_annees > 1) echo "s"; echo ", "; } if ($uptime_mois > 0) { echo "$uptime_mois month"; if ($uptime_mois > 1) echo "s"; echo ", "; } if ($uptime_jours > 0) { echo "$uptime_jours day"; if ($uptime_jours > 1) echo "s"; echo ", "; } if ($uptime_heures > 0) { echo "$uptime_heures hour"; if ($uptime_heures > 1) echo "s"; echo ", "; } if ($uptime_minutes > 0) { echo "$uptime_minutes minute"; if ($uptime_minutes > 1) echo "s"; } if ($uptime_secondes > 0) { echo " & "; echo "$uptime_secondes second"; if ($uptime_secondes > 1) echo "s"; } echo ""; // $ssh=exec("netstat -tp|grep ESTABLISHED|grep sshd"); // echo "
    Nombre de connections: web : $http / ftp : $ftp / icecast : $icecast
    "; ?>
  • You can also look at visitors' stats here
var Ipv6_Js_Server = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://" : "http://"); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + Ipv6_Js_Server + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));

About the author

Are you sure you want to know more about me? Really sure? Are you sure that it worth it, and that you haven't lost enough time? Do you really believe my life to be that interesting, to lead you to my awful homepage?

So if you really do, I think nothing can stop you. Click here if you dare.

Published on Sunday 28 March 2010 by n